Why the vagina dries up and what natural products can help

There are many reasons why a vagina is dry. Regardless of the cause, the effect is often the same, awkward sex and tension between partners. Men often feel like they don’t “turn her on” while women wonder why their natural vaginal lube is gone. Too many women are afraid to tell their partner because of the risk of rejection. The first step when experiencing discomfort and dryness is a visit to a doctor. Chances are great, the difficulty is due to natural changes, but a pelvic exam will rule out disease. Every woman, at some point, will have to deal with vaginal dryness and itching. There are many simple solutions available at different costs and effectiveness.

Vaginal lubrication occurs naturally when a woman is sexually aroused. The fluid flows from the blood vessels that surround the vaginal area. Arousal brings more blood, which in turn releases more moisture. But even though he may be emotionally aroused with her partner, sometimes it doesn’t translate into wetness in her vaginal area.

Menopause tends to lower estrogen, resulting in thin, brittle tissue, less elasticity, and decreased secretions. Sex not only hurts, but the body becomes more susceptible to inflammation, especially urinary tract infections.

The symptoms of a dry vagina vary among women, with itching, burning, and painful intercourse being the most common. Many feel pain or notice bleeding, particularly after sex. Another symptom may be the need to urinate more often.

Lifestyle changes can lead to significant improvement. Staying hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water helps. Cigarette smoking is a major culprit, as are certain personal care products like douching. Switching to a different method of birth control can also make a big difference. There are many manufacturers of contraceptives, feel free to try others to see if they relieve your dry vagina.

Stress is another big contributor to dryness. With women under more stress than ever, adding the stress of vaginal dryness makes matters even worse. Partners are often unsympathetic and see the problem as a sign of personal problems in the relationship that add even more stress.

Doctors often recommend hormone therapy, including the application of topical estrogen. Diet modifications may provide relief, as low-fat diets decrease estrogen production. Soy products can help increase lubrication in the vaginal area. Some women turn to herbs, such as black cohosh, as a natural solution.

Using body lotions on the genitals, taking bubble baths, or inserting foods like yogurt or even vinegar will worsen the conditions. Do not use these methods.

Lubricants are also effective in lessening the negative effects of vaginal dryness. Those containing petroleum jelly should not be used, as they will increase dryness over time, as well as interfere with birth control products such as condoms. Choose lubricating products made with natural ingredients. Not only will they naturally help regardless of why your vagina is dry, but they generally contain antioxidants that promote good vaginal health. Natural vaginal lubricants will not only work with your body to increase your natural moisture, they will also increase your “inner sex drive.” They are designed to increase blood flow in and around the vaginal walls and restore what many women call “the fire within.”

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