Colon hydrotherapy: feeling comfortable with the treatment

The method to cleanse the colon is based on gravity. Filtered, neutralized, and sterilized water is introduced into the colon under low pressure. The colon hydrotherapy process is constantly monitored while the entire colon is cleaned and flushed, from the rectum to the cecum.

It is a very safe method, carried out under safe conditions and constitutes a natural solution to problems that can limit or even block the normal functions of the colon. The continuous flow in and out of water (hence the name colon hydrotherapy) at a comforting temperature stimulates a natural process whereby the colon begins to “massage” itself cleansed due to the back pressure of the water. Due to this resistance and friction, particles and small objects that have stuck to the colon wall can loosen and dissolve. This in turn allows the body to absorb nutrients much faster and much more efficiently and this is of course beneficial for the overall well being of the human body.

All colon hydrotherapy is performed using an open lavage unit. This means that the incoming water and the outgoing water, which contains the toxins and waste products, flow next to each other. No unpleasant odors are created as all these are absorbed by the unit. Colon hydrotherapy can be divided into the following segments:

* The intent of the colon hydrotherapy is explained to you and you are left alone for a few minutes to get comfortable in the rinsing unit.

* You take off your underwear and lie down on the unit, while you cover yourself with a sheet.

* He then inserts a cannula (in a sterile package for single use) into your rectum through which the water will be drawn into your colon. The cannula is less than a centimeter in diameter and you will not feel a thing.

* Once you’ve done all that and made yourself comfortable, ring the bell.

* Then the therapist will explain how the colon hydrotherapy machine works and what is the intention.

* Once everything is clear, the therapist will leave the room and you can begin.

* As soon as you start to feel your colon begin to fill with water (a slight feeling of pressure inside your belly), you will expel the water.

* Meanwhile, new water is already coming in, so the inlet and outlet run parallel to each other.

* When you start to get used to it, you allow more water to flow so that the colon is cleaned more and more up.

* If you prefer, the therapist can stay right there with you.

Side Effects During the colon hydrotherapy process, you may start to feel a bit cold, so we recommend that you wear warm tops and warm socks. Additionally, the colon hydrotherapy center can provide you with heat packs that can be placed on your stomach. This can prevent cramps from building up. It is important to refrain from eating for at least two hours before colon hydrotherapy. Once the colon hydrotherapy is finished, you will be able to eat normally again.

In addition, it is recommended that the first time you undergo colon hydrotherapy you perform two treatments in the following days. This will stimulate the colon cleansing process properly. After years of slimy buildup in the colon, this is definitely the right way to go. The number of colon hydrotherapy treatments needed to maintain a clean colon depends on your overall health and physical condition.

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