Business Grants for Pet Lovers

Good news for animal lovers! Free business grants are available for you to do what you love… care for animals. A great way to earn extra money these days, while spending quality time with those furry four-legged friends, is to start your own pet sitting business. Millions of people who love their pets, but have work schedules that conflict with the responsibilities of having a pet, are paying top dollar for other animal lovers to visit their homes to care for their pets while they work, agree vacations or whatever else takes them. away from their feline, canine, or reptile relatives.

This is a great situation to take advantage of, if you love animals… and money. There are very few overheads and start-up costs for a pet sitting or dog walking business and amazingly Uncle Sam will give you free money from the government to cover them. Government small business grants are no longer just for traditional-style businesses. Thousands are receiving this type of financial assistance every day, to start home businesses, online businesses, and pet care businesses as well.

By completing a simple government grant application, if you qualify, you can receive more than enough free government money to cover those start-up costs and get out to the dog park in just a few weeks. Your small business grant can be applied to the purchase of a business license, insurance, bond costs, computer hardware and record-keeping software, all other supplies needed to run an efficient office, leashes, collars, and lots and lots of milk. bones.

The best part about small business grants is that you don’t have to pay them backā€¦ ever. If you are eligible to qualify, you can rest assured that your clients will issue you the only monthly payments involved. Follow the links below to see how much free government money might be available to help you play with adorable puppies and kittens all day.

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