Weight Loss Tips: Why You Shouldn’t Consider Becoming Anorexic To Lose Weight

A disturbing find

While doing my routine keyword analysis for my internet marketing, I accidentally discovered something that I’m not very comfortable with. I found that there are almost more than 2,000 searches a day on the Internet, for the phrase ways to become anorexic. Well, if you’re reading this article, you may already know what anorexic means, but just in case, anorexia is an eating disorder in which people starve themselves despite being very thin and are convinced that they are. are. over weight.

I know that there are people affected by anorexia through genetics. But if you’re looking for ways to become anorexic by finding information on the Internet, chances are you’re not the one to fall into this category. Why the hell should you do something that is potentially life threatening?

If you still think that becoming anorexic is your choice to lose weight, at least read this article to the end. This is the only thing I ask you to do.

3 reasons why you shouldn’t use the anorexia approach to weight loss

Have you ever seen anorexic people? They are thin, of course. Sorry, let me rephrase, they are skinny. Well, you may think that being skinny is attractive, but try asking those guys. Do you think anorexic girls are attractive? Or do they think healthy, full-figured models are more attractive? Being anorexic will make you skinny, there’s no doubt about that. But is that kind of skinny your purpose of losing weight? Weight loss is only a means, and not the purpose. It is a means to be healthier, or to be more handsome, or to have more energy. Effective and successful people always focus on the purpose, not the means. If you want to be an effective and successful person, reconsider your real purpose of losing weight.

Second, becoming anorexic not only doesn’t give you the result you want. It also comes with a pack of potential diseases. Do you want to know what are the possible health problems that you could have when becoming anorexia? These are some of the list:

  • heart failure, leading to death
  • inability to have children
  • osteoporosis (weak bones that break easily)
  • kidney failure, and you may have to rely on a dialysis machine for the rest of your life
  • Hair loss
  • gastric rupture
  • tooth decay and staining due to frequent vomiting
  • bruise easily
  • sensitivity to cold
  • death

Or maybe you choose to become anorexic because you want to lose weight quickly. Believe me, there are still many ways to lose weight quickly and healthily. But if your definition of fasting is overnight, then you must remember the saying Rome is not built in a day. remember the saying slow and steady and win the race. Moderation and balance is always the way to win in life. Extremism will never yield any solid results, no matter in what areas of life.

Finally, I urge all blog owners, article writers, and ezine publishers to write and publish their own version of articles about the dangers of anorexia. Please help me spread awareness about the dangers of anorexia.

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