How to Build Biceps – An Easy Trick to Explode Your Arms and Get Set

Do you want to know how to build biceps? When you plan to become a bodybuilder or shape your muscles, I suggest you go for biceps first. Unlike the chest or abs, the biceps are easily recognized and develop faster. You can show off and put your biceps on display first while continuing to work other muscle groups. If you want to know how to build biceps, listen up. As you know, every muscle building exercise is difficult. But compared to others, building biceps muscles is easier to do, quicker to acquire, and can be done at home. For those unfamiliar with the biceps, these are the pair of muscles in front of the upper arm that connect the shoulder and elbow. In fact, when you carry or lift something heavy, the biceps muscles are used. If you develop bigger biceps, they will also come in handy in sports like tennis and baseball.

But why are these muscles not well developed? You may ask, “I’ve been carrying a lot of heavy objects, but why aren’t my arm muscles similar to or even far from what you see in a fitness or muscle magazine?”

If you were to do an internet search on how to build biceps, you might be overwhelmed by the results. Some results you might find are Barbell Curl, Wide Grip Barbell Curl, Preacher Hammer Dumbbell Curl, Cable Hammer Curl, Reverse Grip Plate Curl, Two Arm Cable Curl, etc.

However, before using the exercises mentioned above, keep it simple and don’t overtrain or overexert yourself as it can do more harm than good. Here are some basic tips on how to build biceps:

  • For starters, when you lift a barbell or dumbbell, apply more weight than you’re used to. Do at least three sets of 6 to 8 repetitions and do it twice a week. Doing it more can stress your muscle. Your muscles need to rest and recover after every workout.
  • Fully extend and bend your arm during each routine. Don’t use your shoulders, just your arm muscles. Remember, for this exercise, quality over quantity.
  • Once the muscles have adapted to the routine. You can increase the weight with fewer repetitions (for muscle mass) or do more repetitions with the same weight (to maintain tone without increasing size).
  • If you have any condition that may or may be affected by the routine, please consult your doctor or doctor first.
  • Learn how to build triceps so your arm is well rounded.

These tips will teach you how to build biceps.

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