Social media cleaning guide

To organize your social networks you need to understand it. The industry is constantly growing and changing. Daniel Miller, professor of digital anthropology at UCL, recently discovered that people use different social networks with varying degrees of privacy. So, when you post to Facebook, for example, your intended audience may be close friends, but on Twitter you can tweak your tone to better suit professional contacts, or vice versa.

Miller also discovered that social media is generation-specific. While many of us may be logged into Facebook, younger generations have started to shy away from it, in favor of Snapchat and WhatsApp, where conversations are more temporary and private.

It’s important to understand the nuances of the services you use and whether they are useful for your purposes or just a waste of time. Are you pulling something from your Twitter account, for example? If you only use it to stay up to date on the latest news, consider subscribing to a newsgathering website instead, where the reports will be much more reliable and tailored to your tastes.

bin it

Be ruthless. If you find that you’re not really using a social media platform, deactivate or permanently delete your account. You’ll be better off without him. Sometimes it’s difficult to do this, because you use the platform to communicate and you don’t want to lose that possibility. But there are ways around this.

If you only keep Facebook because you use its messaging feature, simply download the dedicated Facebook messaging app on your phone, which will save you from being dragged through hours of looking at your newsfeed. Also try downloading the newsfeed eradicator widget, if you use Facebook on your computer in Google Chrome.

Make a list of all your active social media accounts and write down all the ways you use them. If you find that your reasons are not essential, get rid of them. The time you will save can be spent elsewhere; Why not use it to start walking other people’s dogs for money?

clean your accounts

Even if you choose to keep your social media accounts, there is still a lot to do. First, look at who you follow, who your “friends” are, and what Pages and accounts you subscribe to. If they haven’t posted anything of interest to you for a while, get rid of them and if you can’t remember who that “friend” is, purge them. Limiting your social networks to only the people and companies you care about can make everything much easier to manage.

Earn money on social media

If you keep your social media accounts, you can also use them for something productive, and there are many ways to do that:

Hannah Wilson, Gumtree’s Marketing Director, said: “You’d be surprised how much money you could raise just by selling your unwanted clutter online. Put your social media accounts to good use by sharing your Gumtree listing, you never know , an old friend or colleague may be on the lookout to get what you’re selling.”

go out of line

Finally, and this point is key to clearing your mind, your life and everything around you, remember to disconnect! Often, there is no better cure for de-stressing and reducing anxiety than turning off all your devices. Take some time during the day, perhaps after work or when the kids are at school, or even spend an entire day staying off social media. You will feel as if you have suddenly entered a completely new space.

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