Security guard gets pitbulls all over him

Mutilated puppy in mall and security guard attacked

Some animal owners shouldn’t be allowed to have them, but until something goes wrong, no one can take them away.

He worked as a shopping guard at a mall in a western suburb known for its youthful antisocial problems. These youngsters are typically between the ages of 8 and 14 and gather in groups of up to twenty as they hang around shops threatening people and generally acting rude.

There was a regular group, as there always is, and I had gotten to know most of them. They hadn’t been around for a while and I was curious as to why. These kinds of things can have an impact on your center because they could be signs of a gang war, a turf dispute, or some larger group taking over soon.

panic and screams

One day I was patrolling the outer areas of the parking lot and saw a customer running towards me screaming for help. I saw some blood on it. She told me that a group had put two pit bulls on top of a German shepherd inside the center.

I called radio control and asked for backup.

Going into the whoops and running

During the afternoons he worked alone but he did carry a straight cane with a revolver for back up in this mall. Like I said, it did attract some trouble from time to time.

I recognized the group of young men standing in a circle around two pit bulls attacking a young German Shepherd. They were all laughing. I looked for the leader and saw an older male that I did not recognize. The dogs belonged to him because he could see the leashes in his hand.

Other customers were crying and some were vomiting.

the german shepherd

It belonged to a 16-year-old woman who was in hysterics nearby and covered in blood while trying to fix her dog. She could bleed along the tiles and something on the nearby walls. There were clumps of matted fur and fur on the floor where the pit bulls had torn off chunks of meat.

my approach was noticed

As I got closer, the group saw me and warned the older man about me. He just laughed and turned to me giving a verbal command for his dogs to attack me.

I have worked with trained security dogs of different types and have worked with drug and bomb dogs throughout my services. One thing that is true for all dogs is that they do not like to attack alpha dogs and nature gives them rules to live by. These rules override most training.

now i had a mission

I didn’t know who this male was, but it was my mission to make sure he answered for his crimes, and I headed toward the dogs with a quick step. I punched the first pitbull in the nose as he jumped at me and sent him howling back to his owner.

The second pitbull was a bit slower then and already had my cane when he attacked me. I took a quick jab to the jaw and knocked the dog out without doing much damage. Basically a pain overload hit. I live my life with respect to all animals and this male would be arrested for what he has done.

Seeing that his dogs were of no use to him, the older male yelled at the group to attack me.

hero worship

I could see that this older man had become the leader through some form of hero worship and the younger men now wanted to play in the big leagues. I started to push my way through them and towards him.

With two blows of my cane to his thighs I put the older man to the ground in great pain. He was crying and sobbing. The younger males were still trying to pull me to the ground and I had trouble holding off the older male.

Help comes soon enough

As I struggled on the ground trying to hold onto the male, I felt another male join in and give me a hand holding him down. The younger males fled when police sirens were heard.

The police came in and helped arrange the arrest and set up a vet for the animals.

my boss doesn’t understand

As I was getting checked out of the ambulance and giving my statements to the police, the head of my security company arrived and was upset to say the least. He started yelling at me that he had a gun and that he should have used it to shoot the dogs and not have tried anything fancy because they could have killed me.

Nearby police officers were interested in our conversation and had approached us.

I told my boss that it was a stupid suggestion to shoot a gun inside a mall with two groups of people moving around. In addition, I told him that he considers me an expert marksman with weapons and that he would not have tried to hit two moving dogs from 5 meters away.

I decided that one baton was enough and that it wasn’t the dogs’ fault for attacking me.

He told me they fired me because I didn’t shoot the dogs.

the police know best

Then the police intervened and told my boss that he was an idiot. If he had fired my gun inside the center, he could have killed a person and made the right decision. The police praised my work and I worked with them from time to time over the years.

My boss asked me to reconsider, but I said no. I don’t work for idiots.

Last I heard, he got his ring finger bitten off because he tried to arrest a criminal with a crowbar. It doesn’t matter that my old boss fired more than 12 shots and missed the criminal, the criminal was on the ground at the time and less than 10 meters away trapped under a roller shutter.

The offender ran away.

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