Make him fall in love with you: try these tips

Have you noticed how women who aren’t exactly beautiful seem to have an easy time with quality guys? Why are they able to do it effortlessly and you can’t? What do they have that you lack? Is it your appearance? Or is it your character and attitude? Well, the truth is that appearance is important, but your character and attitude also play a role. Here are some ways to help you.

1. The more you can’t get it, the more you’ll want it.

This is what keeps guys going. Everyone always wanted things they couldn’t have. Yes, play hard to get it. But don’t go too extreme and don’t be easy to catch either. Make him work for it because then he will treasure you because he worked to get you. You will be seen as an “achievement” in his book.

2. Get dressed.

Just because guys say they don’t care about your appearance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about your appearance. Imagine, if a good looking, well dressed girl threw herself at him, who would win? The answer is pretty obvious. So keep dressing even if you have it. He is the reason you have to dress more stylish.

3. Trust.

This may seem simple but it is not. Confidence must be cultivated over time. Being confident allows him and you to spend time alone and apart. It will make you seem less needy and more independent. Guys love independent girls who have their own goals and dreams in life in addition to being in a relationship. This shows that you have confidence in yourself, in him, and in your relationship. This is something that men want that most women don’t have.

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