Ways to make your small space pub or restaurant look bigger

The design and layout of a pub or restaurant is essential, especially for those with limited space. Space is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when planning to open a pub or restaurant with a small space; Knowing the perfect design and the right furniture is very important.

There are so many advantages a restaurant owner can have with a small restaurant, such as lower rent and maintenance costs, fewer kitchen staff and servers. Also, the initial design costs for a restaurant with a small dining room are much lower than for a larger space. However, you will have very difficult challenges with the design of a small pub or restaurant.

The success and failure of your restaurant will depend on the design, distribution and choice of your furniture. Clients, of course, will keep coming back if they experience a place that is comfortable, welcoming and intimate. But I will never go back to a crowded, messy, poorly designed restaurant. Below are some tips to maximize the small space your restaurant had.

Do not use large round tables

I recommend using small square tables instead of large round tables in small restaurants. It doesn’t mean that your restaurant isn’t capable of hosting large parties just because you have limited space. You can accommodate large parties if the need arises with the help of these small square shaped tables. These can easily be rearranged and combined to have larger tables with more seats that can accommodate all the guests in the party.

Place at the bar and seats at the counter.

If you want your customers and service staff to move comfortably despite having a small space, then it is a good idea to install a bar and a counter in your establishment. Placing a bar next to the kitchen will not only enhance the space, but it can also be a good place for customers who want to meet new friends and talk to someone new. Sitting at a bar with high stools can attract customers who normally only order regular drinks and food to order alcoholic beverages that help increase your income.

Use long banquet seats

The answer to heavy traffic in your restaurant is to have a long banquet set up against one wall with chairs on the other side and tables in the center. This type of setup will make it easy for servers to access tables and customers to access the restroom easily without going through a bunch of tables and interrupting other guests. This can help you save more space that you can use to place additional tables that can accommodate more guests, resulting in a much higher income.

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