PS3 Error Code 8001050f Explained: 3 Tips To Help You Fix Playstation 3 Error Code

PS3 error code 8001050f is a common problem encountered by PlayStation gamers. If you are unable to play any games on your own or play downloads from the PlayStation store even before their expiration date, you may face this error. Alternatively, if you are missing trophies and you notice that the date and time went back to January 1, 2000, you probably have the error code 8001050f.

What is PS3 error code 8001050f?

8001050f is a type of error caused by the digital clock that is inside the hardware of your PlayStation. According to the manufacturer, this error was due to Playstations around the world falsely assuming that February 2010 was a leap year. A certain error that affects the internal clock and that the manufacturer calls a trophy registration error causes the error.

When this error appeared, PlayStation 3 owners were advised to avoid using the game console until the problem was fixed. Slim players on PS3 were not affected by this bug. As a result, the PS3 trophy data and other game data were lost and could no longer be recovered by the user.

How to repair PS3 8001050f?

First of all, you need to save all the game data on your thumb device and then delete it from your PS3. Then turn off the game console and let it sit for a few minutes. Then you need to restart your PS3 and fix the errors by the methods below and then copy all the games to your PS3.

Fix 1). Change the date / time directly on your console

Select Settings on the Xross media bar (XMB) and click Date and Time Settings. You must change the date to any date after February 28, 2010. You can now use your PlayStation to play all the games you want.

Fix 2). Change date / time via the Internet

Connect to the Internet via WLAN and use the browser function on your PS3. Go to settings and select Date and time settings. When in this setting, choose ‘Set via Internet’ and change the date to any date after February 28, 2010.

Fix 3). Fixing by opening your PS3

Unplug your PS3 and open your console to locate the internal battery. Doing so will void the warranty if it is still valid. The battery would be present under the motherboard on the side near the USB inputs. Remove the battery for a few minutes and replace it and reassemble the PS3. Boot the system and set the correct date / time and everything should be fixed.

After following the steps above, you will have a good chance of fixing error 8001050f on your PS3.

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