How to behave on a first date

It’s a difficult time in today’s dating world. People are demanding and many decide that they want to live their lives alone rather than with someone who does not fit their criteria. However, each night brings more coffee shop get-togethers, movie nights, and romantic dinners, where two lonely people try to decide if they are compatible. First impressions are important. Follow these tips to avoid a first date disaster:

o Be prepared – A woman loves a man with a plan. Guys, she will know that you are genuinely interested if you take the time to plan the date and take her to a creative place.

o Don’t have expectations: don’t expect your date to act or be in a certain way. This will only disappoint you. Try to appreciate them for who they are, regardless of whether you see a second date in the future or not. There is something you can learn from everyone you meet and from all your experiences. If it doesn’t work, don’t be frustrated. Appreciate what you’ve learned from experience and keep looking. “When you decide to be with a person, don’t try to change anything about him.” (Don Ruiz, ‘The mastery of love’).

o Look your best – Your date will appreciate that you put a little effort into preparing for their appointment, even if you are just taking a shower! Bad breath or strong body odor can win you a direct ticket to Dumpsville.

o It’s not about what you say, but how you say it: “60% of all human communication is non-verbal and 30% is your tone.” (Will Smith, Hitch). Be yourself and be confident. Have a positive attitude towards the date, be open and communicative, smile, relax and have fun.

o Show Interest – If you’re interested, a little innocent flirting can be sexy. Even if it’s just a way you look at them, or possibly a tap on the shoulder, but make sure you get some positive vibes from your date before you take this too far.

o Listen and respond: look your date in the eye and listen carefully. “That way, when it’s your turn to respond, you’ll have something better to say than ‘I like your mouth'” (Will Smith, Hitch)

o Tell the truth: always be honest about who you are and your past. “You don’t need to pretend to be something else. When you pretend to be what you are not, you will always fail” (Don Ruiz, ‘The mastery of love’).

Many people wonder how true love happens. The first impressions we make should not be underestimated! “A first date is, after all, a first, and firsts are important” (Huffman & Wolf, ‘A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend’). 80% of women will tell you that 3 dates is all they need to know if the relationship will work or not. Love yourself no matter what, and don’t give up on dates, each one brings you one step closer to what you want. “There is no other medicine like unconditional love.” (Don Ruiz, ‘The mastery of love).

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