How helping others helps you

There is no doubt that helping people has been my life for many years. From the time I was a programmer at British Aerospace and used to help my friends debug their programs in my business, working with Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins as their worldwide business coach.

The Huffington Post even reports on research showing that you’re happier when you help people at work! More research also shows that you live longer contributing to others.

Of course when I started my career I was unaware of this research! I loved helping people, which unfortunately when I started my own business meant I did a lot of work for nothing.

I learned my lesson, no food on the table, pretty quickly. However, that has never stopped me from helping people anyway.

The most exciting thing I find when I’m in the middle of something with other people is when they realize they can do more than they thought. A really lovely factor in training.

However, I eventually realized that I was only helping a small fraction of the number of people who could benefit from the knowledge and tools I had. So I wrote a short book (called Leap Ahead of Your Competitors) that was intended to help all smaller companies with marketing and running a business. Because I wanted as many people as possible to benefit, I used to give it away for free to those who couldn’t afford my training but knew they would benefit from its content.

So I thought, part of the journey of any entrepreneur or business person is personal growth. A subject that is not seen but that makes a big difference to people, their families and the people they know. So I decided to create a Facebook group called Personal Growth Tips to help people with their personal growth. If you want to take a look it is in

Again, I didn’t want to get paid because my intention is to help as many people as possible improve their current situation, but more than that, I wanted their children to benefit as well. At the same time I know that I am not the source of all personal growth knowledge! So I wanted to create a community that would help each other and grow together.

So like I say, the group is free to join and I’m looking at everyone who knows me to see who wants to grow and help others do the same.

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