World of Warcraft – How to Earn Gold in Wildhammer Stronghold Without Competition

World of Warcraft gold and how to earn it is a big concern for everyone in the game. There are many ways to earn gold and making use of quests is one of them.

There are many quests within World of Warcraft that give a very good cash reward, but what many people overlook is the fact that the mobs you have to kill can also drop quite a few coins.

Here is a very good tip on how to earn a good amount of gold. To use this tip, you will need to own The Burning Crusade expansion and be of the appropriate level to complete the quest prerequisites. The quest will be available at level 67.

Head to Wildhammer Fortress in Shadowmoon Valley. To start the quest chain that will lead you to the gold, simply talk to Zorus the Lawbringer when you arrive. He is usually found wandering around the center of the fortress.

Zorus will give you a quest called “A Ghost in the Machine”. He will need to complete this quest before we can get the one that we will use to earn some money.

Once you have completed the first quest, Zorus will give you a quest called “Heralds of Shadowmoon”. It is this quest that you are going to use to make some gold.

Zorus will give you a pair of Spectrecles. This is a head-worn item that will allow you to see ghostly heralds. Once you put the item on, you will see the ghosts all over the area inside the Wildhammer Stronghold. The quest requires you to kill 12 of the heralds, but you can keep killing them for as long as you like.

These mobs are level 67 – 69 and don’t hit as hard as comparable level mobs. When killed, they can drop up to 15 silver webs of netherweave, as well as green and occasionally blue items.

The key to making money from this quest is to keep killing heralds for as long as you want. Don’t turn in the quest until you’re sure you never want to farm them again, as once the Spectrecles are gone, you won’t be able to see the heralds anymore. Tracking undead will not reveal them.

The best thing about this quest is that you won’t be harassed by wandering mobs since the heralds are inside the keep and other players who aren’t doing the quest can’t see what you’re killing. This leaves the field open for you to farm.

Tips like this are why you should never resort to buying virtual currency in World of Warcraft. There are too many ways to earn gold to waste real-world money. With my articles and newsletter, I reveal gold earning strategies for all levels that will keep your bank account full. Browse my articles or join my newsletter to find out what gold sellers don’t want you to know.

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