Win the street fight every time – Watch out reader!

In this age of quick fixes, everyone wants instant answers. The masses want riches without work, skill without practice, and the ability to win a fight with a “guaranteed” move. Have you been reading articles looking for ways to win a street fight every time? Well, I have good news and bad …

Self defense reality

To some, this may sound like bad news, but it makes perfect sense. There is no one who can win a street fight every time. That person just doesn’t exist, no matter what you read on the hyped e-book sale pages.

Not only is there no ultimate fighter in this age, there is no one “one way” that works every time. If there were, then we would have a paradox the moment more than one person knew the technique. If the move is guaranteed to work, and two fighters use it against each other, then one of them has to lose.

Note: It is rare for two fighters to knock out each other at the exact same time, where both would lose and neither would win.

Good news about street fights

The good news is that you can significantly reduce the number of bad people in the world who can harm you. As you become more and more skilled, the number of idiots who can beat you in one attack decreases.

Keep training. Keep learning. And it will improve your chances of being the winner in an altercation.

More bad news about street fights

Those looking for an instant fix will likely be disappointed. In a confrontation, if a fighter is much more skilled in fighting and knows the practical application of martial skills, that person will win. Not surprising, right?

So if you want to be good at street fighting and self defense, you will have to practice. For some people reading these words, this will be the place to click. (Yes, that’s the easy way … don’t read what you don’t want to know.)

And even more disappointment from street fights

Not only will you have to practice to acquire the skills necessary to survive a street fight, but you will also have to practice the “right things”, the “good things.”

You will most likely have to go beyond individual items, even this one. The articles will only give you superficial information. They are not complete enough in and of themselves to give you some kind of complete training.

Learn Self Defense: The Good News

Much better to find a piercing course or book on wristbands – train one item at a time. Focus on one aspect of martial arts.

Note: If there is good martial arts instruction in your area, joining the class is much better than trying to go it alone. If you are not taking classes, you will need a training partner. You have to be able to practice and refine what you read.

Eventually combine those aspects … learn how to stop the attack with a punch or a kick, take control with a block, and then turn off more attacks, counterattacks, and escapes with more kicks, punches, and joint controls.

The good news is that by taking learning into your own hands, you’ll change your style, add elements from different martial systems, practice with a variety of partners, and improve at your own pace.

Some of the best martial artists in the world eventually design their own training schedules and get their own training partners.

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