‘Willie Samuel’


“One of the best in Philly”

Philadelphia, “E Pluribus Unum”, – ‘Out of the many, one!’ Unlike other cities, life had been good for many people despite mass gentrification, politicization, politicized racial polarization, lawlessness, crime, capitalization, gun pollution, gun addiction, drug addiction, social disease, hunger, homelessness. , incarceration, drug dealers and gangs, police brutality and corruption, state, municipal and private white collar crime and corruption, and a ‘God-given need for salvation and forgiveness’. It is not at all different from other big cities across the country. But, in this city of Philadelphia, there is much to offer…and receive. There is great pride in homeownership here… (not owning a home is a great reward for residing here, too). There are four main universities of higher education; with two major colleges i.e. Philadelphia Community College; on Spring Garden Street with multiple satellite campus locations; and the Berea University Institute; (before Girard Avenue in the heart of North Philadelphia); in and around the surrounding Philadelphia area.

This city; formerly the fourth largest city in the Americas; a hotbed of champions and sports teams…the home of boxing’s greatest champions, the Philadelphia Eagles in NFL Football, the 76r’s in basketball, the Philadelphia Wings in soccer, the Philadelphia Flyers in hockey, the Phillies in baseball, The Taney Street Dragons Little League baseball team, “Philadelphia World Champions”; with many other good sports teams and supporters; a strong and proud city of diverse people, museums, art galleries, restaurants with highly classified cuisine(s) and good culture; home of “The Rocky Statue and Balboa University”. A Philadelphian from New Jersey; across the river, it is separated by the Mighty Delaware River; traversing Philadelphia, the ‘Schuylkill’ River, energetic and unforgiving, running through it; organizing many ‘Sculls’, Scullies and other types of boat races… at “Fairmount Park!”

“Fairmount Park” (rivaled only by ‘New York’s ‘Central Park’)…is home to ‘America’s First National Zoo’.

A city steeped in its pride of being a diverse and unwavering metropolis, possessing huge bursts of wonder, appreciation, adventure and imagination. Fairmount Park, a vast outdoor world of old and new… a wilderness of discovery; a whimsical land of activities for the whole family, friendship oriented – “Brotherly love and sisterly affection!” A moving experience for all who take part in venturing, partaking of its wondrous delights…offerings of abundant majesty; gifted to one and all, by ‘Mother Nature’ and the ‘Grace of God!’

…But a deadly city nonetheless.

The time is now…your time…our time, an unwavering vast and timeless holistic experience across the region. A Philadelphia Story of Their Struggle(s), Our Struggle(s), The Struggles of Life in Philadelphia! The exceptions to the rule are those who don’t have fights, or so they say. Willice and his relatives fare no differently than average people in and around the city… like many in the law enforcement community and those of many Philadelphia public officials; Willice has paid his fair share many times over. He has gone the extra mile a bit more than expected, required, or not accepted by many who serve. The trials and tribulations associated with the rise of his career and his life’s goals have forced him into a war with a beast that no one could have imagined. It quadrupled with his fight against the systematic engine designed to keep him and the people of his particular persuasion in one place… his place. He worked through the fight to hold on to his job, his family, his life and his steadfast dedication to his vows to protect the people, his endless fight against the very people he is forced to deal with and work alongside. , Each and every day.

“The family of Willice Samuel came to North Georgia by way of Winnsboro, South Carolina. The family settled in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, around April 1911.

Willice’s great-great-grandfather spoke about a lynching and burning at the stake of a black man by a mob of white men wearing masks. Said the Black Man; named Zachariah Walker; he was accused of shooting to death a white police officer named Edgar Rice. He was supposed to have been a special police officer in Coatesville. The Willices are descendants of the lucrative American industry of black slavery.”


He worked with those who conspired against him, who wanted him humiliated and destroyed. They want to send a clear and forceful message, their meaning…”it is we who are in control…it is we who are the strong and controlling faction; while it is you who are below us! It is you , who are destined to serve and remain subservient… forever!

Willice wasn’t on any mission to make major social change…but he didn’t run away or back down from the challenge of protecting the unprotected.

Crime in the city is at its highest point. Children killing children, both in the city and in the suburbs. Cities across the country are experiencing many ‘youth challenges’ along with the brash and emboldened mindsets unleashed by the racist torrents of “white supremacy” and hate spewing from the lips of a ‘twice accused, backstabbing, traitorous, insurrectional. , former commander of the White House; the imitative representation of a “Leadership of the Free World!”…”Agent Orange”.

The captain and his crime-fighting team also find themselves besieged by a desk full of corrupt, unsolved cases that need to be posted from ‘red to black’ (in the squad’s duty room) quickly. They are beset by an avalanche of challenges as they deal with public backlash and case-solving filibusters from City Hall, City Council and Police Unions, rather than offering solutions. Organized crime and white collar investigations are also part of the smorgasbord of physical and mental assaults facing this team of “Crack-Crime-Fighters.”

If this detective captain and his team can tame the dazzling Goliath-sized beast, what can they do against the strategy of a disciplined “giant” algorithm of a “well-oiled organized crime spree” launched from multiple directions… the four corners of the city?

They don’t know it, but these criminal monsters of the so-called human species would be better served if they didn’t cross the radar of Captain Willice Samuel and Associates…they’ll be very sorry. heed no warning… stay away from anything that would or will put you on a collision course with any and all cases… criminal cases handled by a “Willice Samuel Investigation”.

“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime: Willice is on the case!”

~’FAIRMOUNT’ – Terror in the Park!~

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