Why is it important for the unhealed soul to heal

The unhealed soul can be recognized by the lives it lives and by the stories it tells. Could you be one of those souls that walk without healing? Are you living a life free from the dark shadows of the past and fully aware that the circumstances of your life belong to you? Or are the stories in your life filled with pain and a point of contention for everything that goes wrong in your life?

Each of us tells stories. Those stories have within them the power to empower or disempower others. As we examine the content of our stories, think for a moment about the goals of telling the story. You will see that sometimes we unknowingly feel the need to give people details of a story just so they can offer us some sympathy. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss something that is bothering us, but with a trusted person, someone who can be objective; However, we must recognize if we are one of those people who always has several stories to tell about what has happened to us. If this fits in with something you may be experiencing, you may want to consider that healing is necessary in some areas of your life.

It has been said that hurting people hurts people. Watching a victim is painful, but it’s even more painful when you can’t see a way out of the pain. Consider this for a moment, any area of ​​your life that is not well, is not functioning, as it should, with vitality and vitality. In other words, the stories you share and your reasons for not living a life full of vitality may be causing harm to those around you. Do you keep blaming others for the reasons why your life is not how you would like it to be? Worse yet, are you sharing that information with your children? Some people in the name of protecting their children tell stories full of judgment, pain, and things that the child does not have the power to change. This causes great harm to children because it tells them to bear the pain of a problem that is not theirs to solve. However, this is what happens when we fail to heal in certain areas of our lives. We live limitations! We complain! We judge! We hate! We tell one-sided stories! We hope who we tell to live our pain with us! We place expectations on others who don’t really understand that we are disempowering ourselves at the same time, not to mention destroying a relationship.

This could be you, and if it is, I encourage you not to ask others to share a pain that you may not be willing to fix. If you seek to heal yourself from your failures, your lack of faith in yourself, your hatred for others, your pain and resentments, you will automatically teach others to do so by example. They will be empowered by seeing you overcome. If you are the unhealed soul, do everything you can to heal yourself. Seek help because somewhere someone is affected by your lack of healing. Let your loved ones and loved ones know and understand that your pain has nothing to do with them. Let them know that the stories you tell are only one side of the story and it would be better for them if they fully understood you by not taking on your pain. If you know someone who is struggling with this, encourage them and let them know that as they overcome their pains, they will have a different story to tell, one that leaves a good legacy for those they leave behind. Encourage people who have the power to change by letting go of pain and learning to heal. Together we can do our part by empowering the next generation by loving them enough to heal from our wounds and tell stories that speak of overcoming.

Our future as a society, country and world depends on the stories we share with children. Let’s share stories that cheer, cheer, and fill them with faith that they too can overcome anything that comes their way.

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