Why buy gun safes made in the USA?

And they went to China

In the 1990s, many US gun safe companies turned their eyes to the Far East to reduce manufacturing costs, and today at least 75% of all gun safes are made in China. It was a change that improved the bottom line for those manufacturers, but inevitably lowered the quality of what was offered in the marketplace because in addition to savings in cheaper labor, there were also cost reductions in materials and design.

Taking a first look at both an American gun safe and a Chinese one, you may not see or know the difference between them and the difference is not small, so here we present the main factors that contribute to the best quality of a gun made in the USA. Sure:

Steel Quality

From the body to many interior parts, steel is everywhere in a safe. The vast majority of the steel used to build safes in China is 25% to 35% softer than steel made in the United States, and when that weaker steel is used for build the body, the safe becomes more penetrable with drills and other specialized tools. The same principle applies to any other part of a safe made of mild steel; it simply won’t perform its function in harsh conditions, which is what a gun safe is made for.

fire board

One of the latent dangers in any home is fire, and gun safes must provide adequate fire insulation to protect firearms, but also important documents, memorabilia or jewelry. The main element for fire insulation in almost all gun safes is the layers of gypsum board (or drywall) and as is well known Chinese drywall is of poor quality and as has been shown by the recent events, also bring some health problems. American made fire board is of a much higher quality and directly contributes to a higher standard fire resistance rating.

body construction

Here we are referring to the 6-sided outer body of any safe. The key consideration is how the six sides come together to form the body. Chinese manufacturers have a strong tendency to weld all or most of the six sides together, then grind down the welds for aesthetic considerations, but weakening the body because what is a thin layer already gets even thinner at the edges, which is where it counts. By contrast, most American manufacturers create the body by “bending” a piece of steel, rather than “welding” separate pieces, so what is initially a long plate of steel becomes a cube of four (4) sides to which the door is attached and the back is added, this is also called “single body construction”, and makes for a much stronger and safer gun.

Bolts, Re-Lockers and Hardplates

Boltwork is the closing system that holds the door to the body of the safe, which is made up of several elements made of steel. As mentioned above, Chinese made steel is much softer, and if you add the fact that their deadbolts are also thinner, you have just the right combination for thugs with a bit of experience to open the safe by drilling a hole in it. the door and pushing. back the bolt with a swipe to overpower the safe.

Relockers are mechanisms that lock the safe during a burglary attack by reinforcing the lock while the safe is under attack. For a punch and drill relocker, it’s usually an extra steel bolt that reinforces the safe, and if it’s made cheaply, meaning it’s smaller or weaker, it won’t protect the lock for long because it only has to pierce once to be hit.

Hard plates are layers of metal placed before the lock to protect it, and if they are thin or there are not enough layers, as is often the case with Chinese manufacturing, the desired effect will not last long. When it comes to Boltwork, Relockers and Hardplates, the “Made in the USA” brand means much better quality on the spot.


All safe manufacturers claim that they offer the best Guarantee on the market. Simply put, this is not the case, inferior gun safes do not carry the same type of warranty as high quality gun safes. We won’t go into detail here, but you should ask for a true “Lifetime Warranty” which includes free replacement shipping in the event of damage from theft or fire (or natural disaster). Read the lowercase letters and ask your security specialist about the limits of the Guarantee. Generally speaking, “American Made” will have a much better warranty.

investment for life

When I bought my gun safe, I only looked under “American Made.” Of course, budget is always important and a gun safe made in the USA tends to be more expensive. But two thoughts come to my mind. First, a gun safe can be a lifetime investment and not worth buying cheap and replacing later, especially when heavy items aren’t easy to transport in and out of a home. And second, if you’re on a budget, I bet you can find a great deal on an entry-level American-made gun safe that is sometimes even better than many of the mid-to-higher-tier Chinese ones. So, IMHO, don’t waste your time and money with the cheapest option and help keep our economy strong while making the right choice.

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