The benefits of a service dog with fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a form of rheumatism that affects the soft tissues and not the joints. People suffering from Fibromyalgia Syndrome or FMS find chronic pain in different parts of the body, such as the upper back, neck, lower back, and more. Using a service dog with fibromyalgia can help relieve pain in many ways.

Research and studies show that people who have chronic pain and have service dogs are better able to cope with symptoms than those who don’t. Even people with heart disease who have dogs or pets are less likely to need further medical care after being discharged from the hospital, studies say.

Perhaps the reason having a service dog helps treat FMS symptoms is because having a warm, loyal, furry friend helps cope with the pain that comes with grief. This is because the patient can feel more secure and content with the presence of a dog and it gives them something else to focus on besides their pain.

In some cases, a dog or pet can be the motivation a person with FMS needs to get out of bed in the morning despite feeling like they’d rather stay under the covers.

Studies have also shown that having pets, particularly trained dogs, can help relieve stress. This fact is especially beneficial for people suffering from FMS because stress must be avoided at all times to prevent the onset or worsening of symptoms. That’s why many FMS treatments include stress relief through medication or alternative natural remedies.

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Many people with FMS may shy away from the prospect of owning a dog because they may think pet ownership may be too difficult to handle, especially when FMS symptoms set you up. However, a well-trained dog can be of great help if mobility is impaired. They can perform activities such as turning lights on and off, helping with laundry, opening doors, and retrieving items.

Although you should also be able to meet the needs of your dog. They need to be fed and watered, given room to run and exercise and you need to make sure nothing in your house or garden can cause them harm.

If you are interested in getting a service dog to help you, you will need to be legally registered as disabled, as service dogs are specifically trained to help with particular conditions. You will need to complete forms and submit them to the organization of your choice. It is important to note that this process can be lengthy and expensive, so check to see if you are entitled to any compensation.

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