Smart and Effective Concealed Gun Security Ideas

Standard gun safes are definitely the safest method of storage for your personal firearms. Unfortunately, they are not the best solution for all situations. One drawback is that you cannot quickly access a gun if you have an intruder in the house, especially at night when you are in bed and the safe is in another room. Another is that they are heavy and large, occupying a visible space. Because of this, they are automatic targets for thieves when you have a home burglary. Many gun owners choose to purchase hidden gun safes instead or in addition to traditional ones to solve these problems.

Best Hidden Safes Ideas

Hiding your guns in plain sight also keeps them out of sight and is not available to children and others who shouldn’t have them. These safes are generally designed as a concealed in-wall gun safe, designed to be standard home decor pieces with a little something extra, or built as furniture for hidden safes. Wall safes are wall mounted between two studs with their doors mounted flush with the wall. These are often installed in closets for added anonymity.

A safe hidden in a shelf

A gun hidden in a secure shelf is a smart and convenient model. Choose from a set of shelves in which a secret compartment can be found or others allow the compartment to slide out of the shelf from either side, or both. While discreetly storing your weapons, you can also display family photos and favorite mementos or decoration items on top.

A safe hidden in a piece of furniture

Coffee tables, end tables, bedside tables and bedside tables, as well as ottomans, shelves and box springs on the beds, are available as hidden safes for your weapons. The table tops are raised, the sides are opened, the fronts serve as facades or the secret drawers are designed to take out these elements. Both pistols and rifles, as well as ammunition and accessories, can be kept in the safes in the furniture.

A safe hidden in a home decor item

Photo frames, mirrors, books, and watches are some of the regular, unpretentious items that can be used as hidden storage places for weapons. Cloak clocks with a wide body do not arouse suspicion. Books with a lockable metal box on the inside are a time-honored favorite and the least expensive secret safes option. A concealed gun safety mirror is a necessity for both grooming and decoration and can be used for pistols or, in the case of a full-length or cheval model, long rifles and shotguns.

The advantages of hidden safes for your firearms are that they are effective, efficient, close and easily accessible. But of course the cost will ultimately depend on the type and size you choose.

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