Similarities and differences between HTC Touch HD and HTC Magic

These days one can find a lot of mobile phone brands in the market and these impressive phones are attracting a large number of people from the UK. Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC etc. are some of the most popular mobile phone brands. HTC is one of the leading mobile brands which is highly appreciated by a wide range of users.

HTC models have attracted a large number of people from the UK. The popularity of these gadgets can be imagined from the fact that many times it becomes really difficult to decide which model to buy and which one not to buy. But it is not a very difficult task as you can decide which phone is better than another with ease by making a careful comparison.

In this regard, one can compare, for example, HTC Touch HD and HTC Magic. Both phones support third generation technology and have many sophisticated features. Many of the features of these two devices resemble each other. On the other hand, there are also many differences in both. But, if some features seem to be missing from any of them, then these features can easily be covered with other nice features.

Camera features are supposed to be the essential features in today’s mobile phones. They allow users to keep memories of their memorable events safe. The HTC Touch HD has a 5 mega pixel camera with an image resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. On the other hand, the HTC Magic consists of a 3.15 megapixel camera that supports an image resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The autofocus function is common to both.

Messaging features are the most used facilities by today’s youth. You must have seen many of the youngsters sending beautiful texts and graphics to friends while on the go etc. The messaging services of these two gadgets, which are common to both, are SMS, MMS, email, and instant messaging. Also, the videos, images and other files can be sent absolutely free through the Bluetooth facility on these phones.

The software on each phone, as well as on the computer, runs under an operating system. It is a platform for the operations of mobile phone deals. Touch HD works with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. But, the Android is used in the case of the Magic.

The YouTube client is the feature supported by many mobile phone offerings that allows you to view videos from the YouTube website on the World Wide Web. The aforementioned feature is available on Touch HD, but it doesn’t exist on Magic. Another newer digital compass feature, which is designed to get information about directions, is available in Magic, but is missing from Touch HD.

After comparing the HTC Touch HD and the HTC Magic, it can be concluded that both devices have a variety of advanced features. Both widgets outdo each other in some of the features. Users can choose any of the models according to their requirements. Hopefully, the great HTC brand will release some more wonderful models in the future.

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