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“Free Scratch Tickets, Real Prizes! Click the Scratch-Off Ticket Image to Play Your Free Scratch-Off Ticket and Get Real Prizes Now! No Cost, No Registration! Must be 18+. This Contest is VOID! in any jurisdiction within the United States, Canada or any other place where participation is prohibited by law. ” – MR FREE

The sound of the word “free” is tempting; and the sound of the phrase “royal awards” is even more appealing. What can be lost? Anyway, everything is free. The ad said it does not require information and all you have to do is click on the image to play your free scratch cards. Everything seems to be a win-win situation.

You’ve probably joined the thousands of people who couldn’t resist scratching the card with the mouse and rubbing the ticket cover … Congratulations you’ve won !!! Or do you have?

Free scratch, scratch and win, scratch and win, scratch and win, scratch and win, scratch to match, scratch to match, scratch to win, scratch, scratch, scratch and win – in fact there are many names for these games . The common goal is to have 3, 6, or 9 and the gold or silver panels should rub off to reveal the symbols. Most of the themes are colorful and range from images of pirates, cowboys, space, card symbols, or even anything under the sun. Surprisingly, almost all free scratch cards always reveal winning symbols. In fact, they are free; but where is the catch?

Some websites will give you the opportunity to play for free online. You will not be asked to record any information until such time that you need to be notified if you have won the game. So after finishing the game, you would have to reveal your name and email address. Other scratch card websites are even more intrusive. They would even ask for your address, phone number, occupation, marital status, salary range, age, date of birth, and much more information. In a way, it doesn’t seem free at all. You have given your information and that is the payment for playing your free scratch tickets online.

And what about the award? Certainly, you are awarded the jackpot points that you can spend on your website. You can play more games that give you a better chance of winning as you reveal more of yourself. During his visits, he is tempted to play more. You start gambling and find yourself in a situation that most Internet players find themselves in. His free scratch cards have taken him down the path of online gambling. Months will pass and you will become an active member of the online gambling community. Sooner or later, you will find yourself betting more than you can afford.

Free scratch off tickets definitely sound appealing. They would always persuade you to start playing and winning. However, as soon as you start winning; you start to avoid resisting or stopping.

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