Salon Magazines – Keeping Your Customers Happy!

As a salon owner, you already know that you are in a difficult business, a business in which you must possess more than just skills to be successful. This is a business in which you have to maintain friendly and personal relationships with your clients so that they feel at home in your salon. This is what makes you unique and helps you stand out from the crowd. Smart salon operation involves many different management decisions, such as choosing the right interior d├ęcor and staff to maintain a light and pleasant environment to meet the diverse needs of the customer.

A crucial aspect of salon management is how you occupy the client when they are waiting for their appointment or between procedures (such as waiting for the color to be processed). Depending on the convenience and preferences of your customers and you, consider offering electronic media, snacks, or just plain conversation. Keep in mind that magazines are and have always been the best way to entertain your waiting customers.

Magazines helps cover the diverse interests of any number of clients who come to your salon. Some like sports and health and others are die-hard fans of machines and technology and would like to keep up-to-date on those fields. Magazines cover many aspects of life, such as fashion, style, technology, health, sports, economics and politics, they provide clients with the opportunity to pass the time while pursuing the topic that they find interesting.

But covering all the leading brands and providing different reading material can be a costly step. One can minimize the cost of subscription bills simply by planning ahead. First, identify your customer base. Try to find periodicals that match your interests. Divide your customer base based on gender and ethnicity and find overlapping fields of interest and reduce unnecessary magazine subscription costs.

Look for general interest magazines that carry consumer interest articles, how-to articles, news, and profiles. The best selection of magazines includes Reader’s Digest, People, Time, Vogue, Outdoor Life, Allure, Ebony, Elle, Self, Shape, Seventeen, Family Circle, Teen Vogue, Glamor, Parents, Latina, Shape, Working Mother, Automobile, Cosmopolitan , Texas Monthly, ESPN Sports, Better Homes & Gardens, Field & Stream, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Consumer Reports and more.

Magazines are a great tool to enhance the atmosphere in your waiting room. They can be used to improve the customer’s mood. Most importantly, customers appreciate the presence of magazines that make waiting time enjoyable.

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