Remodeling your kitchen: buy only what you need

Remodeling your kitchen is often a huge undertaking that is expensive, time-consuming, and time-consuming. Having the materials you need on site at the beginning of a project will save you time and money, while buying the right products will save you money down the line. With proper planning and shopping, you can. You simply need the right skills to tackle the job with confidence.

To learn how to shop for what you need for your kitchen remodel, read on for 5 tips on the right materials to order and how to get them quickly and cheaply.

1. Always ask about the builder discount.

Don’t be afraid to ask a supplier for a builder’s discount. If you can’t get it to them, look elsewhere or ask your contractor to do the shopping for you. Builders and contractors can save 20-60% on the cost of their materials.

2. Go directly to the provider.

This mantra is especially true for mosaics. Remember, an inexpensive tile will set you back about $2 per square foot, $8-$20 for more upscale materials like ceramic and granite, and up to $50 or more for hand-painted or high-end tiles. Going directly to the supplier or to a tile warehouse means you can save a lot of money on overstock and returned or canceled orders, saving $5 to $30 per square foot.

Buying directly from the supplier or a retail store also means that you can usually take the product home with you. You don’t have to wait long for pending orders to finally arrive.

3. Opt for energy efficient appliances.

This is a tip that will save you money in the long run. Your price may be higher now, but purchasing energy efficient appliances will have a dramatic positive impact on your future water and electricity bills.

4. Find a multi-flow faucet.

Many faucets and faucets on the market today are available in dual or triple flow format, meaning they come equipped with interchangeable water filters. By using one of these, you can eliminate the need for bottled water or cumbersome purification systems.

5. Know your countertops.

If marble or granite countertops are out of your financial reach, try products like Corian or Formica, which are known for being tough and scratch resistant. Luxore is a new product that is non-porous and heat resistant, meaning you can put your hot pots right on the counter. Finally, Swanstone is another new stone alternative product that provides a smooth, moisture resistant surface that is easy to install.

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