Northrend Gold Farming Points: Top 5 World of Warcraft Locations in WotLK to Grow Gold

Not many players like to share their best gold farming spots in Northrend because, let’s face it, no one likes to share a spot with other players. There are so many places to farm for gold in WotLK that most players don’t even know about. So, to help everyone a little bit, I am going to share here, in a nutshell, my favorite gold-growing places in Northrend.

1. Cauldron of flames. This place is located in the southeast of Wintergrasp. It is an area with fire elemental mobs that release crystallized fire, elements that you can combine to make eternal fire. Also, there are some ash clouds in this area and if you are an engineer you can extract more crystallized fire from these clouds. Although the respawn rate for fire elementals is a bit low, this is one of the best places to farm crystallized fire in Northrend.

2. Gimorak’s Lair. You can find this cave in the middle area of ​​Storm Peaks. There are many wolves and Jormungar worms inside the cave. They drop meats used for cooking and can also be skinned to obtain Boreal Leather and Jormungar Scales. Of course, the scales just fall off the worms. If you are a skinner, you will occasionally encounter arctic hide when skinning these beasts.

3. Port of Onslaught. This is one of the Northrend gold-growing places that I prefer because I am a tailor. There are a lot of humanoid mobs here that drop Frostweave Cloth and since I have the passive ability Northern Cloth Scavenging, I can get a lot more pieces of cloth than other players. However, if you choose this place as your agricultural destination, you better be on the lookout because this is a daily search zone and can be attacked by an enemy player who comes here to complete those missions.

4. Valkyrion. This place is in the west of Storm Peaks. Nascent Val’kyrs in these camps have a 100% chance to drop Dissolved Soul Essence. These are gray items that you can neglect and destroy, but they have a very high seller value. Each Essence costs 65 shillings and since each Val’kyr drops one, you can make a lot of gold just by selling these junk items to a vendor.

5. The lake on the Blue Sky record grounds. This is one of the best places for gold fishing in Northrend. This lake is located in the north of the Grizzly Hills and is quite rich in glacial salmon, a type of fish that cooks need for the Fish Feast raid meal. Sometimes you can sell these fish for up to 60-70g per pile. I also got the super cool sea turtle mount by fishing one of the schools of glacial salmon here.

I hope you earn some money at these Northrend gold growing spots that I have described in this article. However, these are only 5 of the best places in Northrend, so if you want to learn about many others, I highly recommend the WoW gold guide that I have been using.

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