New Yorkers Review: An Energetic People That Will Haunt, Drive, Amuse, and Astonish You

When it comes to New York City, its dynamic surroundings, and the multicultural fusion of distinctive inhabitants, author Clifford Browder focuses his keen literary eye on his life and experiences as a seasoned resident there, as well as providing glimpses into the eclectic history of the city. city ​​in his recent work, New Yorkers: A Fisty People Who Will Unsettle, Madden, Amuse and Astonish You. Also, as no stranger to using the New York backdrop as the setting for his previously published books, including a series set in 19th-century New York titled Metropolis, author Browder once again offers an intriguing exploration of a culturally distinctive place.

Also, this is not your typical cut and dry biography, which provides dry facts; instead, reading is a sincere memory of a man and the city in which he lives, loves, survives and works. The narrative keeps you engrossed in its pages with a winning combination of information gleaned from Mr. Browder’s point of view, research, and unique experiences during his many years as a resident. Consequently, author Browder does well to pierce the mental eye with descriptions of his life as a longtime resident, including historical glimpses and trivia of the best-known aspects of New York, as well as the lesser-known and even the obscure.

Providing a well-flowing narrative, as author Clifford Browder employs a friendly and authentically informed tone, within which he brings a multifaceted New York perspective to literate life, through his work on this book. In no particular chronological order, the text is divided into five parts, with each section focusing on an intriguing variety of elements.

First of all, the first part includes topics that span the look at the multitude of people, languages, scammers, scavengers, and the wealthy. Next, Part 2 looks at how New Yorkers live with chapters that include; Fun, alcohol, smells, and graffiti, just to name a few. However, also included within this section is my favorite chapter # 16, Are New Yorkers Rude? I think the author Browder explored this question very stylishly. Consequently, Part 4 covers some of the most iconic landmarks such as Broadway, Fifth Avenue, The Bowery, Wall Street, and 14th Street. Part 4 continues with a tour of some of the museums, statues, and a dark but dark graveyard. that arouses interest and whiskey tasting. Followed by Part 5 which delves into some of New York’s past history, providing the insightful stories of both the good and the bad.

Overall, I enjoyed reading New Yorkers. Author Clifford Browder gave a fascinating insider tour of New York. Part biography, part historical diving, and part travel guide, this work offers a tantalizing glimpse into an exciting city brimming with diversity in every respect. This was a valuable read that I highly recommend. However, as a fellow New Yorker, I experienced some turbulent emotions while reading this book, particularly with the arrival of the coronavirus and the current lockdown in New York and all those wonderful people locked inside their homes due to a virus. My heart and prayers go out to my family and friends, as well as the author, his family, and all other New Yorkers: God bless us all.

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