Leave him begging for you – The deepest desires of men

Can’t you get a guy to beg you? Is it a fantasy to have a guy so hungry for you that he would do anything to get your attention? Are you usually the one begging and would you like to change that? Find out what men really want and then show them you have it.

The first thing you should do is put together your look. Regardless of what Mother Nature has given you, make the most of it. Look around you and you will see that women of all shapes and sizes are able to glam up whenever they want and can also put on the sex pot.

The key is to balance your appearance so that you don’t look too harsh and strict, or too easy and cheap. Your clothes should tell the world that you are flirty, fun, and ready to meet interesting people. A wardrobe or hairstyle that is too weird, weird, or unconventional can be nice if this is the type of man you hope to attract, but it can put off many men who will simply find it too weird.

Remember that your appearance will be a great reflection of who you are, so make sure you send the right message.

If there is an aspect of your body that you do not like, do what you can to improve it. There is no point in complaining and wishing things were different. Work what you have, change what you can.

When you know it looks great, have the right attitude. Men are rarely attracted to the girl who huddles in the corner in fear of talking to someone. Let yourself be seen and show them that you love yourself. Your confidence should radiate warmth and approachability, yet not arrogance and vanity.

A warm smile, a hearty laugh, and a lively personality go way beyond what you think. Surely you have seen it happen in a club; all the pretty girls sit there, being pretty, while the most lanky girl is the life of the party, attracting all the boys.

Don’t underestimate the power of who you are. In addition to finding a physically attractive woman, men want a woman they can enjoy spending time with. Be aware of what it looks like, but don’t get hung up on it. It is your personality that will win it over in the end.

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