Is India’s No. 1 status here to stay?

India recently achieved No 1 status during the third test against Sri Lanka. It was the first time since India started playing cricket that they reached the No. 1 spot. They also had to fight very hard in the just concluded series against SA. In fact, the entire nation rejoiced with only one tied series. Credit must go to the South Africans for leading India to the ropes. So the number 1 status is really just false pride and it won’t last long. However, there is a lesson to be learned from comparing ourselves to Australia, which was number 1 for a very long period of time. Unfortunately, India has to go to the next level.

The Aussies had a remarkable run at the top, winning every test, ODI inside Aus and outside AUS. This was the team that had transformed after winning the world cup in 1986. They had world class bowlers, spinners, batsmen and big fielders. They were also accompanied by cunning captaincy and shrewd execution.

Going by that criteria, the Indians have a lot of work to do to get to the next level of consistency and performance. This means winning in SA, AUS and SRI LANKA, these are the places where the Indians have lost games by the dozen.

Staying at number 1 is not going to be easy. We need quality bowlers and fielders who can make a dent in any team easily. The team must also become professional like the Australians who have many professional team meetings, video analysis sessions, physical training sessions, etc.

Reaching number 1 is a great achievement. Now our team will have an added responsibility to reign there, the only way to do that is by performing consistently with professional work ethics.

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