How to write executive reports

Before starting the report

Executive reports must be concise, short, and accurate. They must be objective, explain a particular issue or situation clearly with relevant facts. Then the report would identify what needs to be done to address a situation. However, before writing the report, it is best to ask questions and clarify, among other things, the purpose of the report, the purpose of the report, and general expectations. The person reading the report should know what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it. Therefore, write a report that is read, understood and applied.

The basics of an executive report.

  • Subject or subject of the report. Name and designation of the person who prepared the report. Other details such as date and reference.
  • A content page or a list for a long report.
  • Purpose and objective of the report. When necessary, establish scope and authority.
  • An executive summary of one or two pages depending on the length.
  • Background of the issue or situation.
  • Strengths, opportunities, threats, problems and effects. Cite sources, corroborate with facts and figures. This is the main body of the report, so pay special attention to the content.
  • Recommendations on solutions. Include alternative solutions when necessary. Each has to be supported by the resulting impacts in terms of funding and other resources. State what needs to be done, why, and the implications.
  • Call to action What is the next course of action?
  • Expressions of gratitude. Identify the key resource people who helped you with the report.

Other guidelines

As with other reports in general, keep executive reports short and objective. The report is primarily to provide factual information about an event, topic, or situation. So, start with the end in mind. Executive reports are required on something that is deemed important. There is an opportunity for the person who wrote the report to make a positive impression. To do this, make sure the report is well written. Check and recheck your spelling and grammar. Ask for help when needed. Have the report edited and reviewed.

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