How to get the knowledge skill faster in Atlantica Online

In the MMORPG game Atlantica Online, the house addition was recently introduced. Now you can buy a home and that brings you numerous benefits, as an experience hobbyist. I won’t bog you down with the details of all the benefits because I want to focus specifically on the knowledge skill that is associated with the house.

As you may already know, you need the Insight skill to display certain furniture in your home. The only way to obtain such information is to visit only the houses that are listed in the home directory as information. Once you locate the house of your choice on that list, the next thing to do is speak to the person in front of the door. Pay close attention to the furniture that you list and that they have knowledge applied to furniture.

To get the most out of your knowledge skill, you don’t want to waste your home points guessing which furniture has the knowledge. For example, if you see duplicate pieces of furniture listed, like 3 bookcases that are all identical, but then you walk into the house and see that there are actually 4 of those shelves; so it’s best not to waste your starting points trying to pinpoint which of those shelves have the information applied to them.

Better to forgo the shelves and choose an item that is more distinctive, such as a bed or a painting, that appears on the list, but that the homeowner does not have duplicates. Now many users have just filled their homes with tons of duplicate beds and beds and this may all seem nice and elegant because it is true that the house is very likely to offer a lot of information, but the problem is that duplicate items are a gamble. when it comes to figuring out which of those duplicates actually contains the information.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a limit to the amount of information available for each piece of furniture. So if you see another player in the house, make sure you check out their furniture and once you get their knowledge skill go back to the list and get an updated list of available knowledge because the previous player may have absorbed the knowledge skill. of a piece that I was about to see.

It is rumored that you will get more information from better quality furniture. This is not always the case. Sometimes you will benefit a little below your average from a higher quality piece compared to viewing a lower quality article. This process is always a gamble. If one thing is certain about Atlantica Online, it is the fact that everything is a gamble in that world.

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