How does MINTS affect real estate sales?

After more than 15 years, as a licensed real estate seller in New York State, I have had the pleasure of helping homeowners sell their homes and potential home buyers buy theirs. One of the main reasons, the choice of one, of which real estate professional to hire, to represent him, is significant and significant, is, quality agents, offer, the necessary and necessary degree, of, reasoning / constructive ideas, emotional support, experience / expertise (in many relevant areas such as listing price, staging, marketing plan, etc.), and taking – their – hands, when it might be necessary, during the often stressful transaction process. While there are many factors involved, this article will briefly attempt, consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, how MINTS, effect of potential and actual sales.

1. Availability, ease and mortgage qualification: The largest percentage of those who buy a house depend on a mortgage, for part of the necessary financing. Before, one, must proceed, go, Search for houseYou must ensure that you qualify, for the best possible mortgage and terms, by addressing your credit, debt, and financial reserves, necessary to satisfy a lender. Depending on the economy, the availability of these vehicles may differ, and the overall ease of the process often depends on using the best mortgage bank or broker possible, to reduce potential stresses, etc.

2. Interest rate; interest (buyer / seller): Currently, we are experiencing historically low mortgage interest rates, which translates into being able to buy more of your home on your own. However, it often creates a buyer’s market as well, because more sellers are interested in buying a home of their own! One’s clients must know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of a buyer and / or seller market.

3. Needs; niche: Great agents discuss their clients’ needs and priorities, ahead of time, to understand which homes might make the most sense to the buyer. An agent must identify, for his client, which houses may fit a particular niche, whether he is representing the owner or the buyer as his client.

Four. Trends; taxes; weather: Have that discussion, with a client, in terms of current trends and what many buyers may be looking for! Take any real estate tax considerations, impacts, and effects into account in the overall process! To facilitate the process, thoroughly discuss the approximate timeline and how long it might take for each component of the transaction process.

5. Strengths; solutions; system; sales / sale plan: Objectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of your client’s home and how it could affect your sale. Which night will be a solution to certain challenges, such as staging, enhancing the curb appeal, etc.? Thoroughly discuss the marketing and sales system, the details of the plan, and the expectations, contingencies, and other factors that may impact the sale of the home.

When you know, understand, address and use the MINTS, the process is generally easier and the results are improved! When the owner and the professional work together, as a team, the process becomes much less stressful, etc.

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