Fitness Equipment: The 21 Epic EL 2980 Elliptical Trainer Review

Total physical fitness has never been more important than in today’s self-conscious society. Looking your best not only has an effect on the way other people see you, it also helps improve your image of yourself. What better way to get in shape than with top quality fitness equipment? Elliptical trainers are a popular choice for those just starting their fitness journey or for those already on their way. If health and fitness are a preferred factor in your life, then we would like to introduce you to an excellent and effective exercise machine that can sculpt your physique into what you want it to be: the 21 Epic EL 2980 Elliptical Machine.

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

Main features:

It offers 20 personal trainer training programs including aerobics, performance and weight loss and 4 additional heart rate programs for a wide range of exercises to choose from.

Has a BodyPulse heart rate monitor for maximum cardiovascular benefits

Comes with iFit Fitness Journal

Has a built-in sound system for your listening enjoyment with iPod compatible music port

It is equipped with a ClearView ™ backlit display with a wide angle for easy reading. Shows time, speed, resistance, distance, RPM, pulse, calories burned, and carbs burned.

Comes with a CoolAire ™ training fan for a nice cool breeze so you don’t overheat while exercising

Price: Around $ 1,999 (web price)

Product description:

Smooth style, refined technology, effective training programs – the Epic EL 2980 has it all. This elliptical is designed with an extra-long 20 stride length that gives the user a longer stride; However, it still saves space. It is also equipped with an aluminum skid track that alleviates the level of friction and thus provides an incredibly smooth performance. The 21 Epic EL 2980 is an incredibly durable elliptical that has the ability to accommodate a 350 pound user capacity. A CoolAire Workout fan built into the console allows for a longer and more comfortable workout. This machine has oversized, self-leveling articulated pedals to ensure your feet stay level. This decreases the rotation of the ankle. Generally, this level of technology is only found in more expensive commercial merchandise.

Product specifications:

Model: Elliptical Epic EL 2980 (EPEL69908)

Maximum User Capacity: 350 lbs.

Warranty: 1 year for parts and labor

Product characteristics:

This is Epic’s highest-range elliptical, offering more features than any other elliptical with its 350lb maximum user capacity, as well as guide rails much like the high-end ellipticals you would expect to see in gyms or fitness centers. . Plus, this elliptical is sturdy and constructed of steel. Resistance is magnetically distributed to the steering wheel, giving you a smooth, frictionless ride. Low levels are great for beginners or long-duration rides, while high levels provide a difficult challenge for short, quick muscle strengthening training routines. The training programs include 20 Personal Trainer training programs plus 4 heart rate programs designed to maintain a perfectly synchronized heart rate as you gradually progress through your training session.

About training programs

The Epic EL 2980 comes with a fantastic variety of training programs for specific fitness goals. They are divided into aerobics, weight loss, and performance, each individualized based on the specific program you choose. This provides a fantastic variety of exercises.

The 4 heart rate programs are used with the heart rate sensors built into each handlebar. The resistance level is adapted to optimize your heart rate and keeps you in your target zone. It also increases when you need to raise your heart level and decreases when you need to lower it. Previously, only athletes used this method; but it is also becoming popular in gyms and home fitness. It is a highly developed technique.

Warranty Information: 1-year parts and labor warranty


In our opinion, the 21 Epic EL 2890 elliptical exerciser is a great investment for both trained professionals and beginners alike. The wide range of fitness programs and resistance levels can ultimately provide a gentle workout for those who are at a beginner level or a more intense workout for those looking to train for a particular fitness event or achieve a more advanced level of physical conditioning. Additional features like the built-in sound system, oversized pedals, and the CoolAire training fan just add an added incentive to choose this particular fitness gear. Overall, this elliptical trainer outshines many of the major competitors and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

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