Eight character flaws alpha males avoid at all costs

If you want to stop being a beta male and show the characteristics of an alpha male you have to know what not to do. There are certain things that Beta males do that alpha males simply don’t allow.

Here is a list of eight things that alpha males don’t do:

Alpha males are unapologetic for what they are. A common thread that runs through most Beta men is the need to apologize for who they are. They seem to go around and apologize for their existence. You will often hear the average man apologize before he gives his opinion. It’s like they need to apologize in advance before they even say anything. The alpha male is proud of who he is and is strong in his opinion.

Confident men never seek approval. Approval seekers constantly wonder about the world doing things for the social group to accept. They show need and appear sticky. They often give approval just to get approval. Alpha males have an internal reference that they abide by. They do not seek approval. They do what comes naturally to them and they don’t care about what others are doing.

Alpha males never give up their own status to impress a woman. Many men believe that to attract a woman they have to plead for their own status and give the woman all the power. They believe that if they put the woman on a pedestal and shower her with compliments before they meet her, she will eventually see the same in them. Could not be farther from the truth. Alpha males know this and treat all people as equals. Nobody is given superior status.

The natives never complain or complain. They are generally in control of their own domain. Everyone complains from time to time, but the alpha male will eventually take responsibility for his own problems. Beta males will often use it as an excuse and become intolerable to those around them. They can often use it as a crutch for secondary forms of pleasure. Alpha males don’t do this.

Alpha males do not idealize women. If you are idealizing a woman based on her appearance; stop immediately !! Most men will completely overlook some unbearable flaws in a woman because of her beauty. This can lead a man down a brutal path of destruction. Having this kind of attitude towards a woman can lead to massive heart aches later in life when those flaws that didn’t seem so important at first are amplified later on. Self-confident men know what kind of character and personality they look for in women and look for those attributes in women early on rather than focusing on looks.

Pickup artists never try to fix women. Most men will decide that when they find a woman they like, they can eventually make her the ideal woman by solving her and her problems. You might think that this will lead to a better relationship, but the fact is that you will only end up creating resentment in the other person. Self-confident men give women the space they need to grow. If they are not compatible, they just move on.

Alpha males do not try to impress women or support them financially. Many men launch into relationships trying to impress women with compliments, gifts, dinners, and other means of support. I don’t mean not complimenting women or buying an occasional dinner. I just want to say that they don’t set a standard that they are the ones giving all the time. When they decide to give, their women appreciate it more.

The natives do not show nervousness in front of women. This means that you have to get rid of all your nerves around women. A key example of this occurs in initial eye contact. When a girl catches you staring at her, don’t look away as you got caught with your hands in the cookie jar. The alpha male will simply nonchalantly maintain eye contact and acknowledge before breaking up.

If you want to be natural with women, start implementing some of these principles.

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