Dinosaur Book Review

A Review of the Dinosaur Booklet

An ideal sock filler for young dinosaur fans this Christmas is the pocket-size “Little Book of Dinosaurs,” packed with facts and figures on some of the most fascinating creatures that lived in prehistoric times. Without much ado, this little book gets you straight into well-crafted illustrated descriptions of various dinosaurs.

The writers have created sixty-four pages that are packed with information about Dinosauria. The contents are divided into twenty-nine sections that describe these prehistoric creatures, and the last section, number thirty, is dedicated to a quick questionnaire to see if those young paleontologists to whom the book is directed have absorbed the information contained in the book. The answers to the questionnaire are provided, which will be a great relief to parents, grandparents and guardians who will be tasked with helping their children to read the text.

Sixty featured prehistoric animals

With information on about sixty different types of prehistoric animals that make up the Dinosaur Order, this is a book packed with statistics and details. The Dinosaur Booklet has been designed to help young children with reading. The text is large and there are many bold sections to help children develop their reading skills. Most dinosaurs are described on a single page, although some animals are given a two-page length. With short snippets of information with titles like “Terrible Tyrants,” “Big Brains,” and “Dagger Thumbs,” there’s a lot to appeal to young fans of these extinct reptiles.

Color Image Illustrations

There are color illustrations throughout, although the lack of feathered dinosaur images makes some of the interpretations of dinosaurs like troodontids and psittacosaurs seem a bit dated. This book allows young readers to enter the fascinating world of these Mesozoic animals and there is certainly a wide variety of dinosaurs covered, from turkey-sized Velociraptors to mighty Tyrannosaurs like Tyrant Saurus Rex and Albertosaurus.

Hunting Explored Pack

A particularly well-written section deals with the concept of some small predatory dinosaurs, such as dromaeosaurs, living in small herds and adopting a herd-hunting behavior. Using the American dinosaur Deinonychus (D. antirrhopus), as an example, the authors speculate on how this type of predatory dinosaur hunted. Under the title “Pack Hunters” it is described how this dinosaur may have attacked its prey and this section is illustrated with a series of black and white drawings showing how Deinonychus may have hunted the herbivore Tenontosaurus.

With characters like Parasaurolophus, Centrosaurus, Allosaurus, and the great sauropods like Diplodocus and Apatosaurus included, this dinosaur pocket guide is an ideal Christmas gift for young dinosaur fans.

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