Cheesy Daily Affirmations Verses Action

Okay, I’m in favor of affirmations by keeping a strong mindset and keeping everyone on track, but do cheesy everyday affirmations really make a difference when we put them against action?

I am a true believer in affirmations. If you can’t affirm to yourself that you are going to achieve whatever you set your mind to, you won’t stand a chance. If you can’t convince yourself that you deserve success, how the hell are you going to convince the rest of the world? They may be cheesy claims, but they should become part of your daily routine for success.

Don’t get me wrong if you’re just wishing and chanting your cheesy daily affirmation and taking absolutely no action, you’ll need all the luck in the world to be successful. Because a statement can be cheesy, without action you are simply wishing for your life to change and for things to get better, but physically you do absolutely nothing about it.

So the cheesy daily claim against proven action skill isn’t so much against each other, but you master the best of both worlds. You will never be successful at anything without the proper mindset, but neither will you succeed without taking action in some way. So how do you manage balance to create the perfect life and existence you seek?

First of all, I would find the affirmations that mean something to you. You will need to affirm what you believe is true for you, not what you do not believe. A perfect example is:

I am abundant and I attract success everywhere compared to the negative of I have no money, but I wish I had something, look at the big difference in mindset. One has an expectation and a knowing that the other is simply affirming the lack and what he wants while confirming what he does not have.

Now to combine the two, this is the trick, act and combine the old cheesy daily claim.

Set a goal to set goals. You should never embark on a day without knowing what you would like to accomplish that day. Call it goals, a to-do list, a dream board, whatever you want to call it. It is your step-by-step guide to a better future, without a path to follow, you will be in the bushes singing your affirmations and attracting nothing but butterflies and mosquitoes.

So start the day with your affirmations, you can call this your meditation time and then write your to-do list for the day. And ready !! Now you’ve combined your cheesy daily affirmation with your action plan and are now on your way to success!

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