Can I represent myself against foreclosure fraud? Yes, it’s called Pro Se: "Myself"


“George C. Marshall”

Almost all Borrowers who have contacted me about an imminent foreclosure or that has already taken place believe that it is imperative that they find an attorney to represent them in a foreclosure court action. For three years I believed the same. Many judges will suggest it so strongly that a borrower believes it is actually a law, and it is not. But it makes sense that we created it. We see it on TV, on the news, in magazines, and of course most lawyers will tell you that you need a lawyer.

But, the reality is that this so-called mortgage collapse is so great and riddled with illegal and criminal conduct that defies what most people consider normal, there are few, very few attorneys who can win for a borrower.

Lawyers, for the most part, are unfamiliar with the subject of mortgage fraud. It is certainly not as familiar as you will be led to believe that I have resented this fact for a long time. Like I said, most of my clients have been informed by a judge or attorney that they absolutely must have an attorney. They are right, except for one thing. Shouldn’t I say “they absolutely must have a good lawyer”?

You are not better off with an uninformed attorney representing you.

Can you afford a lawyer right now? What if you think you can’t afford an attorney? Should that automatically mean that you have no choice but to leave the house?

Well, there is another way. You do not need to hire an attorney to begin the fight to save your home. In my opinion, you can’t win with 99.9% of the attorneys in your state anyway. If that’s not true, then why do we hear so much about mortgage fraud and so little about mortgage fraud victims who win their cases?

The reason you don’t know what to do is because trials and courts are not your areas of expertise. But it can be strong if you get the right kind of help. You can do much of what an attorney should do at the beginning of the threat of foreclosure. You can do it as Pro Se, which means “I represent myself” if you have the right help and accurate information.

You can learn to use your constitutional civil rights to force the courts to treat you fairly.

Now I think you finally have the upper hand. But, like everything new, you must learn the rules to play.


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