Calorie Burning Activities: 5 Fun Calorie Burning Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Finding the perfect calorie-burning activities can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to burning calories in your regular routine. Here we will share with you 5 of the best calorie-burning activities that you can enjoy alone or with friends and family.

1. Trekking

If you live in the mountains or in a nature reserve, you probably already know. Trekking is a great way to burn calories and enjoy nature. This has double the benefit: it exercises the main muscles and cleanses the lungs with fresh air. This is why this puts it at the top of our list of calorie-burning activities.

2. Rock climbing

You don’t have to go to the mountains to enjoy the excitement and do some rock climbing. Most urban centers are opening up their own rock walls that you can climb. This is a great calorie-burning activity that’s also exhilarating, giving you the added thrill of falling, even though you’re safely strapped down. This is another great activity that you can enjoy with your friends and family, or if you want to do it alone on the nearest rock wall.

3. Karting

While karting may not be on most people’s minds when thinking about burning calories, it nonetheless makes our list due to the intense pressure of keeping the kart on the track. It gives you a good workout for your arms and keeps your wits sharp. Doing an hour around the circuit will equal any arm workout you can think of, plus it will be a lot more fun.

4. Water skiing

The sun, the sand, the waves and a jet ski. There really is no better combination. You might think that water skiing shouldn’t be on the list of calorie-burning activities, but you’d be wrong. While sitting on a jet ski, you must keep your weight in the center and make sure that you do not fall. You’re constantly battling the waves and giving your quads an excellent horse-riding-like workout. This is definitely a fun way to burn calories and is highly recommended on our list of fun calorie-burning activities.

5. Ice skating

Whether you’re good at ice skating or not, you have to accept that ice skating is a lot of fun. Even with all the falls. Ice skating has the added benefit of giving your core an excellent balance workout you need to keep your core strong. This ensures that your muscles get a great workout and burn calories quickly.

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