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Let’s talk for a minute about something everyone enjoys, saving money. I’m sure you’ll agree that everything seems to be getting more and more expensive. When it comes to enjoying a quality night out, you can make bowling a fairly cheap option, whether it’s a first date, a family outing, a birthday party, etc. However, it can also be quite expensive if not done correctly.

Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to determine a good time to hit the lanes. Evenings are always going to be more expensive than daytime, and weekends and holidays will always be more expensive than weekdays.

Depending on how many games you want to play or how many are in your party, renting a lane by the hour might be a good option. Some bowling centers also have time blocks where you can play as much as you want for a set price.

You may think I’m crazy, but if you bowl regularly, go to one of the big box stores or a sporting goods store and buy bowling shoes. Think about it, every time you go bowling you have to rent shoes and that costs about $3-4 per visit. I’ve been to the big box stores or the bigger sporting goods stores and seen bowling shoes on sale for $20. You can also find great deals on bowling shoes on the Internet. Also, you don’t have to wear rental shoes that many other people have worn.

Companies like Groupon and LivingSocial have allowed bargain hunters to feel good about their purchases. This is no different when it comes to finding great deals on bowling. I live in Chicago and recently found a deal for an hour of bowling and shoe rental for $15. Lane rentals during peak bowling hours can cost upwards of $30 for the lane alone, then add another $6-8 for shoe rentals, so this is a significant savings.

Joining a bowling league has also proven to be a good way to save some money. Often bowling centers will have special rates for bowlers in their league. I have also bowled at a couple of places where they can have free open bowling for all bowlers in the league during slower times of the week.

For kingpins, part of their membership in the Professional Bowlers Association will allow them discounted rates at PBA practice centers.

With the cost of everything rising these days, I hope you find these tips helpful when you hit the streets.

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