Attractive mobile applications? iTunes had a lot of them!

Before 2010, there used to be plenty of mobile apps on the iTunes store whose features were more than a little naughty. Apple, however, did not take the most exciting apps very well, and most of them were banned, much to the disappointment of many iPhone users around the world. Here’s a look at some really cool mobile apps that are no longer available or still have a presence on iTunes:

1. Bikini Explosion – Images of hotbods in skimpy bikinis: that’s what this rather simply named iPhone app offered to users. The photos (at least most of them) were pretty aesthetically captured, and there was hardly any hint of vulgarity. Apple probably didn’t know that much more objectionable imagery could be seen in any standard ‘R’ rated film. Bikini Blast was sexy, but definitely not lewd.

2. Sexy games – Games application with an erotic touch about it. Sexy Game represented the height of imagination on the part of mobile app developers, who included a virtual wheel in the app. You had to spin the wheel (pretty much a variant of ‘Spin the Bottle’), and if you won, you had to… well… touch any part of the body of a scorching member of the opposite sex. There were even custom settings options, to make the game even more interesting.

3.Love line – This is basically a knowledge sharing app, and that’s probably why it escaped Apple’s wrath. Once LoveLine is set up and launched on your iOS device, the hypothetical Dr. Drew appears, providing all the relevant (and exciting!) details about the physical aspect of the romance. Not exactly the kind of information you’d want his son to hear, but it’s not a bad app at all!

4. Cougar Index – Do you feel like stockbrokers are boring, stiff-lipped professionals with no sense of fun and excitement at all? You’d be surprised how many Dow Jones executives had the Puma Index app on their phone. There were virtual female models showcased on the app, each representing a part of the company. As stock prices began to drop, models began stripping (you read that right!). It’s a good thing that no other mobile app development company has yet thought of creating a “business and pleasure” app!

5.iJigly – Okay, this app reeked of perversion and deserved to be banned from the iTunes store (it shouldn’t have been listed in the first place!). There were no other features in this app besides showing a couple of jerks… well, you probably guessed what by now. High school students with vivid fantasies were saddened when iJiggly was banned, but parents breathed a sigh of relief.

6. Maxim – Every issue of the magazine is filled with photos of scantily clad celebrities, and its mobile app version didn’t take long to catch on either. The app is free to download, while a nominal fee must be paid to get the cover photos of the new issues. During a long and boring day, looking at an hourglass figure is a great idea, right?

7. Adult sex life – The name says it all. An average expert in iPhone app development can’t imagine the in-depth details about sexual positions, pleasure during intercourse, and even orgasm information that this “strictly for adults” app provides. If you had a steady partner, you could also keep track of your sexual “performances.”

8. Eucalyptus – Isn’t just looking at half-naked bodies your thing? Among the slightly erotic iPhone reading apps, Eucalyptus is probably the most notable. Almost 21000 famous sex literature can be read on this app including the Indian sex education bible Kamasutra. It’s a paid app, but hey, the thrill of reading such sexy texts is worth the expense!

9.iGirl – When Apple announced that iGirl was going to be banned, many young adults almost felt the pain of a breakup. This mobile app developers should be credited for creating an app that became the true pocket sweetheart of thousands of users across the globe. Apart from interacting with the virtual girl, people could also tell her to pose in sexy and seductive positions. With iGirl’s demise, an excellent source of sexy fun for iPhone owners was lost.

10. What is your sex appeal? – Probably the least objectionable of the apps mentioned on this list. This one is still available for download, and it helps you confirm (or not!) if you really are a handsome hunk or not. The app is designed in the format of a fun quiz (consisting of twenty questions). If you answer them truthfully, you’ll get an idea of ​​your hotness quotient.

11. playboy – Ever since the ban on cool iPhone apps, developers have stayed away from making apps like the one for Playboy magazine. From nearly naked (but fit!) female bodies and crude jokes to racist comments, the app had it all, and its ban was, for all intents and purposes, only a matter of time. The Playboy app didn’t feature full nudity, but it was still too bold for the Apple authorities.

12. PeekaBabe – Did you play the game ‘Peek-a-Boo’ as a child? This naughty app (with a twist of perversion) basically worked the same way. You could, by shaking the iPhone or tapping the screen, catch a glimpse of the underwear worn by the otherwise fully clothed lady within the app. PeekaBabe was nothing short of an absolute delight to voyeuristic and slightly frustrated users, who cried when the app disappeared from iTunes.

Flirt By So Sexy was a very popular app that was banned because it featured live images and videos of real girls in… erm… PG-13 positions. iHottiez and iSteam were removed from the app store for more or less similar reasons. If you’re a fan of sexy, sweaty exercise, you may have already used the Gymbabes app on your smartphone. Apple currently has a strong position against apps with any kind of sexual connotation, but back then, things were a lot raunchier!

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