Anti Aging Skin Care Products – Use Elastin To Eliminate Facial Wrinkles!

As your skin begins to age, have you started to notice subtle changes in its tone, texture, and structure? After having great skin when you were younger, do you now see your face starting to look pale and sallow with the development of facial wrinkles? Does it seem as if several facial wrinkles have appeared out of nowhere? Has the skin under the eyes sunk and hollowed out?

I know that you are a person interested only in the best anti aging skin care products. You’ve probably noticed the explosion of these products in the last 10 to 15 years. And for people looking to maintain youthful skin, it’s more important than ever to be knowledgeable about good anti-aging skin care and how related products can best work to banish facial wrinkles.

What is elastin?

Elastin is a protein found in the skin and other body tissues. Elastin is present in the form of elastin fiber. Its presence in the skin is essential because elastin helps keep the skin supple but smooth. It also helps keep our skin soft if it is stretched for any reason. For example, when we open or close our mouth to speak, yawn or eat, the fact that our mouth can return to its resting position is due to the elastin in our skin. Elastin will allow the skin to return to its normal shape after it has been “pulled”. Also think about how our skin reacts when we stretch our muscles; the elastin in the skin allows the smooth return of the muscles to their resting position.

In fact, wrinkles and “sagging skin” are the result of decreased elastin fibers in the skin. The amount of elastin fibers in the skin decreases as we age, leading to the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Can elastin be put back into the skin?

You may have noticed that elastin is a key ingredient in anti aging skin care products. Elastin can certainly have a beneficial effect on the skin because it can form a layer on the skin, helping the skin to better retain moisture. In other words, elastin can have a hydrolyzing effect on the skin.

However, elastin creams will not give your skin that “recovery” property. In other words, they will not completely restore the suppleness of the skin or eliminate wrinkles. This is because the elastin molecules are too large to penetrate the outer layer of the skin. They will only form a skin on the surface of your skin, and that is why they will form a moisturizing layer. But elastin creams won’t get rid of facial wrinkles!

Also, much of the elastin that is put into creams comes from other animals, such as cows or birds. The possibility of introducing “foreign” proteins into the body can carry the risk of possible serious consequences.

Can the skin replenish its own elastin levels?

A much better strategy for maintaining good anti-aging skin care would be to encourage the skin to replenish itself and maintain its own elastin levels. That way, your skin can maintain its youthful appearance and you won’t be introducing anything “foreign.”

Scientists and cosmetologists have discovered a way to “block” the signals that the body sends to the skin to destroy its elastin as we age. By blocking these signals, the skin can begin to replenish its own elastin levels.

In fact, some groups of scientists have produced anti-aging skin care products that can bring the elastin levels of the skin back to those of an 18-20 year old. In a matter of weeks, your skin’s elastin levels can return to a youthful state, leaving it smoother, firmer, and facial wrinkles greatly diminished.

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