7 reasons NOT to have a bake sale for a youth group at church

Many church youth groups plan bake sales to support their programs, summer camps, or mission trips. Everyone loves cookies and cupcakes, so why not have a bake sale? While a bake sale may seem like a good idea, here are 7 reasons why it may not be the best idea.

1. Prices of baked goods: Baked goods are usually quite low in price. After all, only a limited amount can be charged for a zippered cookie bag. Prices generally range from 50 cents to $ 10 for a cake. So unless they give an additional donation, each person who makes a purchase is contributing a very small amount.

2. Impossible volume: Considering the low price of the items, your church youth group would have to bake a lot to get enough items to generate a good income at the end of the day. With baked goods it just isn’t possible.

3. Potential funds raised: Unless you only need to raise $ 100 or less, your group is unlikely to achieve its goal with a bake sale. Why would you spend so much effort on something that produces so little results?

4. Too much work: Anyone who has baked items for a sale (and I have) knows how much work it is. It can take all afternoon to bake a few dozen cookies and cupcakes. At best, your hard work will earn the organization $ 10-20. Was it really worth it?

5. Perishable Food: Baked goods must be sold on the day of sale. If bad weather, a small crowd, or something else thwarts the bake sale, you can’t save them for later.

6. Too many fundraisers: Because bake sales generate such a low amount of income for the group, it becomes one more fundraiser where people are asked to participate. After a while, even the people who support your group will get tired of being asked.

7. Divide Your Efforts – Because your church youth group is spending time bake sales, you are taking time away from fundraisers that could be more profitable. Why not focus all your efforts on one or two fundraisers that will produce many more results?

Instead of wasting time with a bake sale, find a fundraiser that is the best option for your church’s youth group. Effective fundraising is attractive to the vast majority of your supporters, generates the most money compared to effort, and costs no more than is appropriate.

There are a variety of great fundraising ideas … bake sales aren’t one of them!

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